Products & Services Offered

    • Custom-made Thobe – Embroidery, Cut, Design, & Stitching style can be customized as per customer choice by our highly skilled staff; Price is subject to the amount of customizing of the Thobe.
    • We provide Branded &  high quality accessories: Shamagh, Ghutra, Aqal, Cap, Cufflinks, Baniyan, Lungi, Bisht & Salwar.
    • Customer Order Notification via phone call or SMS. Special Booking and Delivery can be arrange upon request. Terms and Conditions apply.
    • All shops are equipped with telephone and fax units.
    • We provide a wide range of the finest and best quality products from the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and India.
    • At AMGT,  customer satisfaction is our top priority.
    • We offer high quality tailoring and accessories at affordable prices.