Company Profile

The modest beginning of what is now known and called AMGT started in the Eastern part of UAE in Al Ain in year 1965. Mr. Hanbal Al Madani established its very first local tailoring shop in Al Ain using only one “manual” sewing machine with the aid of kerosene lamps at night, as there was no electricity supply yet. As time progressed, huge orders came in within the area and other emirates. He then decided to branch out and open another shop in the capital Abu Dhabi.

Subsequently, he moved to Dubai and opened a shop at the historic creek side of Al Ras. The demand was so great that Mr. Al Madani decided to hire skillful master cutters from Pakistan and India. At this time, the sewing quality and thobe design by “Al Madani Group of Tailors” became well-known and apparently set the standard of thobe making in the UAE. Even the Royal family started to notice, began placing orders and became the first royal clientele AMGT have. With a vision to improve the company’s financial standing and strive to be the leading local tailoring in the UAE and international. Mr. Al Madani opened his first mall shop in the iconic Deira City Centre, which still proudly stands today.

Although it is a family-run and owned business, technically for the most part it was run and managed by one man alone: Mr. Hanbal Al Madani- who is one the most respected businessman of Dubai business community. Until recently, September 2010 his second son- Mr. Rashid Al Madani, joined in. The management side of the business was entrusted to his capable hands, making him the first Managing Director of AMGT.

Al Madani Tailoring has been constantly delivering quality and smart thobe to its loyal and royal customers. As time went by, Al Madani Tailoring witnessed substantial growth; fron three shops at start, to nine shops spread throughout the entire country today, including franchised branch in Abu Dhabi. Last 2017, Zabeel/Al Wasl Branch located in Al Jaddaf, Dubai was opened wherein Impronta Sandals are displayed. Along with the business growth, the company has changed its name from AL Madani Tailors to Al Madani Group of Tailors.

AMGT is now synonymous with its legacy of producing quality tailoring and thobe design. As one of UAE’s premier tailoring groups. The company prides itself on the attention-to-detail quality evident in each of AMGT’s thobes, creating a balanced blend of traditional Emirati tailoring and years of expertise.

The retail part of the business was created in order to meet the needs of its clients by providing them with not only the highest quality “AMGT Thobes” but also the finest accessories and other must-haves.

In more than 5 (five) decades of business AMGT has grown large and successfully reached its goal of becoming one of the premier tailoring shops in the country.

Vision: To improve the company’s financial standing and strive to be the leading local tailoring in the UAE and international.

Mission: To provide the best quality service to every client.


  • To improve continuously in providing our clients’ needs.
  • To produced finest quality products.
  • To have dedicated and committed employees.
  • To be result oriented and customer focused company.